Saturday, December 15, 2007

Roh and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Just a forewarning, I'm going to use this blog post to rant and rave, so feel free to totally ignore it.

Today started out okay, well even. I got up early, but that was voluntary, 'cause I was going to a horse show. I got to the stable, we all got ready, loaded the horses, and headed out. I had to get dressed before going, 'cause I was pretty much getting there, getting on, and riding.
Well... our schooling session was horrid. I hadn't ridden since Sunday, and so I kept making broken-horned mistakes. There was one jump, that Carlo refused four or five times, 'cause I kept making the same mistakes
The Pre-Children's Hunter went pretty well. I got a second, a third, and a first in the three jumping classes respectively. Then I got a second in the flat class, making me reserve champion.
It went downhill from there.

We had to wait 'round for the Low Ameture Hunters to all ride, 'cause they came before the Marshall and Sterling, Bit o' Straw class. Well, the course that was posted for that was wrong, so after memorizing one course, I discovered that not only was that NOT the course we were riding, there would be two classes. Luckily the courses for that were the two courses that I'd already ridden.
Well... I got another short schooling session, since I would have gone in cold, against two horses who had just gone. Another disaster. He refused the in of one of the lines 'cause I kept looking down at it.
Well... our first course... let's just say, a mess. He refused the second jump 'cause he was pooping and I didn't give him enough support, we had some problems with the lines...
The second course... let's just say that disaster, ish putting it mildly.
I didn't support him at all, we messed up the lines totally, we missed all our lead changes...

I was so mad at myself afterwards, that I'm practically crying, and my mom won't let it go. She keeps wanting to talk 'bout it. I finally pretty much yelled at her that I didn't want to talk 'bout it, after asking her to leave it alone a number of times. From there we wrapped Carlo, put him in the trailer, and I got changed.

We were out there late... which I didn't have a problem with. Even better one of the ladies took Carlo home, and so he was in his stall when I got back.
We were back at the stable 'round... 5 o'clock. My trainer and some of the others had to repack the trailer and load some other horses 'cause they were going back to the show. I unloaded my stuff from a different trailer, 'cause Carlo can't travel with other horses.

They leave while I'm still unpacking. I pull my last couple of things out, and my arms are full. They've shut the big door, so I go around to go in one of the other doors. Well, the three who are still at the barn, are in the parking lot as I come through, and they're like, what are you doing?
So I say that I'm just putting my stuff away.
They ask me to just put it on the aisle so we can clean it up tomorrow, 'cause they've already turnd all the lights off, and shut everything up.
I really wanted to say No, I still have to unwrap Carlo and put his bell boots on, but I didn't 'cause I felt like they were ganging up on me, coming at me from three sides and I didn't want to cause trouble. So I went in to close my tack trunk (in the dark) and put it all down on top of it. None of them left the parking lot until I was in my car, and had it started. If they had, I just would have gone and done what I needed to do.

But driving away, I felt really nervous. 'cause I'm worried that I won't get out there early enough tomorrow, and the guys'll turn him out without his bell boots, and he'll pull a shoe. 'cause he's good at that.
When I get home, my mom seems PO-ed at me... Not sure why...
She asks why I have such an attitude. And I said something having to do with the fact that I felt nervous leaving the stable the way I did.

Well, she started yelling and screaming. Then my dad started cursing and screaming. Then what really freaked me out, was Petey started yelling and cursing like my dad. I hardly ever hear him raise his voice, much less drop an F-bomb, and a few other choice words.
My mom was so steamed at one point, that she threatened to sell Carlo.

Well... I'm crying just reliving this... I need a hug... or better yet, a furry, dark bay shoulder to cry on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ih, 'tis official

Ih... tis official...

Roh's been forgotten... :'(
Maybe all ya'll are too busy... but this one understands...

'tis a sad day... my cousin Ricky just died...
He had a bad heart attack a couple of years ago, that left his heart only working at 40%, and him permenantly off work. A little over a week ago, last Sunday, they took him to the hospital 'cause he had another, and his heart was only working at 10%, put him in a coma 'til Thursday to regain strength. I'm not sure the exact date he died, but I just found out today... the wake will be Thursday.

Other than that, life's the same.
Horse ish spoiled
Work ish annoying
School ish... school...