Monday, February 25, 2008


This ish for Creative Writing. The assignment ((a while ago)) was to write a Sestina. This ish the rewrite, entitled simply, Partners.
If you're familiar with my story or my RP... you should recognize the charries, despite the fact that they remain unnamed.

Across the field cantered the grey horse
Responding to the whistle from the warrior
Together they prepared for battle
She saddled the grey, ready to ride
Touching her hand to the hilt of her dagger
Through the dust and the dirt into battle fire

The dragons spew forth their fire
As their each ally rides their horse
The humans carried sword and dagger
In their own rights, each a warrior
The dragons fly alone, not anyone’s ride
And none ever faltered through the long battle

Together the grey and his person move through the battle
Her hair flowing behind, the color of the fire
His mane, iron grey, flowing with it as she rides
She on her grey horse,
He with his fiery warrior
A fair hand with a dagger

Her red braid flying behind, in her hand a dagger
The girl fought fiercely in the battle
Descending toward her, the sword of an enemy warrior
Across her arm, creating a line of fire
Her valiant steed reared, batting at the enemy horse
Then he was away, a half wild ride

She pulled up the grey, cutting short the ride
Still in her hand, the red-stained dagger
Wheeling to face her foe and his horse
Then, a fierce and bloody battle
Arrows flew, the enemy fire
As the red head struck the opposing warrior

Then, fatally wounded, falling from his horse, the warrior
Defeated, the warrioress turning to ride
Away from the end, out of the fire
Ignoring the wound, she cleaned her dagger
Surveying the now crimson field, site of the battle
The injured allies, helped by the strong, onto a horse

The valiant grey horse nuzzled his wounded warrior
Unscathed from the battle, flecked with sweat from the ride
His friend always ready with her dagger, to face with him the enemy fire