Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from VA!

Well, I returned two days ago from Chincoteague. Got to go down there for a week, see the Swim and the Pony Penning. Too bad I was ordered not to bring a pony home, or I might have done just that.

It was SO much fun! We got to visit the Beebe Ranch, where Misty of Chincoteague ((Made famous by the book of the same name by Maurgerite Henry)) was kept. Saw the preserved Misty, and her third, final, and most famous foal, Stormy. Saw a fifth generation descendent Angel, and her father, fourth generation, Misty descendant, Nightmist.
Nightmist lives up my way, in the tri-state area. and he has the most gourgeous blue eyes. *swoons*

Was SO happy to be back in Jersey though. I got to ride Carlo the past two days. And boy was he hyper. Normally he's ridden everyday 'cept Monday. While I was gone, he was ridden two days. He was a firecracker just waiting for a light on Saturday.
Sunday he was much calmer. We got to ride outside. The ring was dry enough after all the rain we've had lately, although it wasn't the best footing. We worked lightly today, then had fun. He went out, and got all wet 'cause it rained while he was turned out. But he knew I wasn't going to ride him again, and I wasn't riding on Monday, so he DIDN'T get dirty...

On Saturday, we had a small picnic at my uncle's. After dessert, E and I decided to play volleyball. That didn't work out too well... it quickly turned into a game of, keep the volleyball away from Peanut and Pootie (the dogs) by the time we wore Peanut out, we were really just playing a game of kick the ball back and forth.

I'm really tired right now... My allergies had a flare up while I was down in Chincoteague... *rolls eyes* I'll do something 'bout that... mainly just need to sleep in... and I can do that tomorrow!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm such a sarden woolhead... *sighs*

Being 17... 'specially being only 5' ish not easy.
I was taking on habits I didn't even notice from people I don't want to be like, but was forced to be around. I was getting snappish, and frustrated, and didn't notice.
I almost lost my best friend, because I snapped at her and didn't know it. *cries*

Luckily, I've got a Tree. She and I talked, and she opened my eyes to what I was doing/how I was acting...
Then she put Mandi and I together, and we talked. Mandi got worried 'cause I started crying, but... that's how I am, and Tree knows that and told Mandi not to worry. We smoothed everything out, and patched it up.

So... I'm feeling a bit better now...
after our talks of getting respect, and living as a tomboy, in a world of girly-girls...
It'll pass... or, we'll fix it... I'm gonna stop what it was that I was doing... and try and be a better person now that I know...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Almost a month into summer, and I'm better than I was at the end of the school year!

I discovered my problem with downloading Saint Seiya. Turns out I didn't have the most recent version of the XVID codex. So it was a simple matter of downloading it from Microsoft, and now I can watch Saint Seiya!

I've been spending most of my time with Carlo! ((see profile pic for the two of us)) I enjoy EVERY minute I spend with him. I even passed up going to NC to visit family, and a trip to Asseteague to spend time with my horse. Am I a horse obsessed freak, or what? No, don't answer that.

I had a job, only lasted one day. Currently looking for a new one. Hope to get something so I can help pay for Carlo, and all the books and such that I will need for next year.

Also working through the college process... that's going pretty well. At the stage where I narrow down my list and start visiting schools. At this point, if they don't have an equestrian team, most school are off the list. The only one that doesn't has a great Equine Science program, and ish so close that I could live at home, and see Carlo all the time anyway, since my mom won't let me bring him to college...

Ah... Bed time, gotta get up early to see the big beastie!