Saturday, December 15, 2007

Roh and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Just a forewarning, I'm going to use this blog post to rant and rave, so feel free to totally ignore it.

Today started out okay, well even. I got up early, but that was voluntary, 'cause I was going to a horse show. I got to the stable, we all got ready, loaded the horses, and headed out. I had to get dressed before going, 'cause I was pretty much getting there, getting on, and riding.
Well... our schooling session was horrid. I hadn't ridden since Sunday, and so I kept making broken-horned mistakes. There was one jump, that Carlo refused four or five times, 'cause I kept making the same mistakes
The Pre-Children's Hunter went pretty well. I got a second, a third, and a first in the three jumping classes respectively. Then I got a second in the flat class, making me reserve champion.
It went downhill from there.

We had to wait 'round for the Low Ameture Hunters to all ride, 'cause they came before the Marshall and Sterling, Bit o' Straw class. Well, the course that was posted for that was wrong, so after memorizing one course, I discovered that not only was that NOT the course we were riding, there would be two classes. Luckily the courses for that were the two courses that I'd already ridden.
Well... I got another short schooling session, since I would have gone in cold, against two horses who had just gone. Another disaster. He refused the in of one of the lines 'cause I kept looking down at it.
Well... our first course... let's just say, a mess. He refused the second jump 'cause he was pooping and I didn't give him enough support, we had some problems with the lines...
The second course... let's just say that disaster, ish putting it mildly.
I didn't support him at all, we messed up the lines totally, we missed all our lead changes...

I was so mad at myself afterwards, that I'm practically crying, and my mom won't let it go. She keeps wanting to talk 'bout it. I finally pretty much yelled at her that I didn't want to talk 'bout it, after asking her to leave it alone a number of times. From there we wrapped Carlo, put him in the trailer, and I got changed.

We were out there late... which I didn't have a problem with. Even better one of the ladies took Carlo home, and so he was in his stall when I got back.
We were back at the stable 'round... 5 o'clock. My trainer and some of the others had to repack the trailer and load some other horses 'cause they were going back to the show. I unloaded my stuff from a different trailer, 'cause Carlo can't travel with other horses.

They leave while I'm still unpacking. I pull my last couple of things out, and my arms are full. They've shut the big door, so I go around to go in one of the other doors. Well, the three who are still at the barn, are in the parking lot as I come through, and they're like, what are you doing?
So I say that I'm just putting my stuff away.
They ask me to just put it on the aisle so we can clean it up tomorrow, 'cause they've already turnd all the lights off, and shut everything up.
I really wanted to say No, I still have to unwrap Carlo and put his bell boots on, but I didn't 'cause I felt like they were ganging up on me, coming at me from three sides and I didn't want to cause trouble. So I went in to close my tack trunk (in the dark) and put it all down on top of it. None of them left the parking lot until I was in my car, and had it started. If they had, I just would have gone and done what I needed to do.

But driving away, I felt really nervous. 'cause I'm worried that I won't get out there early enough tomorrow, and the guys'll turn him out without his bell boots, and he'll pull a shoe. 'cause he's good at that.
When I get home, my mom seems PO-ed at me... Not sure why...
She asks why I have such an attitude. And I said something having to do with the fact that I felt nervous leaving the stable the way I did.

Well, she started yelling and screaming. Then my dad started cursing and screaming. Then what really freaked me out, was Petey started yelling and cursing like my dad. I hardly ever hear him raise his voice, much less drop an F-bomb, and a few other choice words.
My mom was so steamed at one point, that she threatened to sell Carlo.

Well... I'm crying just reliving this... I need a hug... or better yet, a furry, dark bay shoulder to cry on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ih, 'tis official

Ih... tis official...

Roh's been forgotten... :'(
Maybe all ya'll are too busy... but this one understands...

'tis a sad day... my cousin Ricky just died...
He had a bad heart attack a couple of years ago, that left his heart only working at 40%, and him permenantly off work. A little over a week ago, last Sunday, they took him to the hospital 'cause he had another, and his heart was only working at 10%, put him in a coma 'til Thursday to regain strength. I'm not sure the exact date he died, but I just found out today... the wake will be Thursday.

Other than that, life's the same.
Horse ish spoiled
Work ish annoying
School ish... school...

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well... I guess my blog has been forgotten...
Seems not too many people have the time...
I'm rather tired now...
Long day at the stable... late horse show..
twas fun though!

I feel a desire to RP... but most people that I RP with ahve gotten off...
I'm very moody right now... ugh hate this...

I want a hug

Monday, October 29, 2007

Spoiled Horse

If ya didn't guess from the title, this post ish going to be mostly 'bout Carlo.... :P

Well, to begin, he's spoiled. That's the only word for it. Spoiled rotten. :D

He's got a good number of people trained. When Sue's in the feed room, sure enough, he gets a small handful when she comes out. When Tree's there and I'm not, he gets something. If someone doesn't finish their Gatorade, guess who gets it?
Ih, Carlo.
Mandi gives him lots of Gatorade when I'm not there...

My mom and I now massage his lower legs, especially right above his hooves. To get his blood flowing. So his hooves grow better. He doesn't move, and we do it almost every day we're there.
Ish that spoiled, or ish that spoiled?

But I love him.
He's somehow managing to get himself filthy, even though he barely has any hair to keep the dirt in.

Eh... you've probably had enough of me rambling... so, signing off until next week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A little late...

I know, I'm late.... but I was visiting colleges this weekend...

I haven't seen Carlo since Friday... :(
I can't wait 'til Thursday

We visited Wilson on Saturday. I liked it quite a bit... and it was an all women's college...
Then we visited Alfred on Monday. It was cool. But quite a bit away...

On Sunday we visited the Penn Ren Fest!
It was awsomeful!
I LOVED IT. Everyone was really nice, and fun.
I got myself a hand made, leather hair wrap. I've been wearing it since...
And I saw Wolfie again! He didn't really have time to talk, he was working, but it was nice to see him.

For now, I must anon... hopefully my next post will be longer.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well, the end (or ish it the beginning?) of another week ish upon us.

I'll start with a usual topic. Carlo.
He was hyperactive this week. He's been getting more and more that way. Tree thinks it stems from when we started giving him Farrier's Formula, a Biotin supplement to build and toughen up his hoof walls. But I know that part of it ish from not being ridden as much. Riding him almost every day during the summer kept him much calmer. Now, that he's being ridden less, he's got more energy.

I'm working on an app. for Cazenovia. It was a really nice college. But I've got some others to visit soon as well... so I'm gonna have to see where else I'm applying...

I finished reading something that I know everyone's anxious for (I won't say what, although some reading this might know...) and I absolutely LOVED it! I'll post more 'bout it when it comes closer to being released.
I also ordered my Oracles of Fire hoodie today! yay! *dances* can't wait for it to get here!!!

My uncle brought over some piano books for us. This time, I believe I might actually learn the piano.. at least, I hope... I'll never be as good as Petey, but I can learn to play passably... and I will... trust me!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Answer!... 42

I know... I don't update enough... I want to update more and I'm going to. From now on, I'm going to update on the weekends. If I haven't posted a new post, feel free to hit me upside the head with something soft.

Well... Let's begin Last weekend...
Carlo and I were in our first Pre-Children's Hunter, show!
For the first, we did well. Third, Fourth, and Second in the Jumping classes, then Fourth in the Flat!

A normal week of play practices and Soup Kitchen and such....
We left Friday to visit colleges. We saw SUNY at Morrisville and Cazenovia. Both are 'bout four, or a little more, away, but both had great Equine programs.

I've been sick since the day of the horseshow... lingering cold... hate that. Still coughing and sneezing.

But, in other great news, yesterday we went to have dinner with my cousins. Not only that, but we picked up my, new CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ih, you've heard right, Roh, has a car! Please, find the nearest exit from the roadway now. You can return later, if ya can find it 'gain.

'Tis a litte black, '00 Ford Focus

Friday, August 31, 2007

Life... the Universe.... Everything....!

Well, summer ish coming to a close... *sighs*
no more full days spent with Carlo, no more staying up 'til 1:30 or later...

In other news, we went on a trail walk/ride today. Seeing as there were only 3 horses and 4 people, someone had to walk. Guess who did most of the walking so the 'adults' could have the horses?
ih, you guessed it, Roh... oh well... I rode both Baron and Carlo for a little while, so no harm... and my legs got a GOOD work out keeping up with those horses...
But it was FUN!!!

Soon Roh will be leaving for Wild Women's Weekend! Charming Creek Farm's Second Annual!
I Can't WAIT!!!!!! It was so much fun last year, and this year we have even more planned!!!
More on that either as it approaches or after its over...

Shoprite ish pretty good... much better than Friendly's but being on my feet for so long ish tiresome... and standing still...

I finally finished all my summer reading! I'm now reading The Lion Vrie by Christopher Hopper, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I was out there this summer, and as much a I know, he's gonna be there, waiting for me when I come back, and the fact that I saw him today, and will see him tomorrow... I miss Carlo... pathetic ishn't it?

Friday, August 3, 2007


Well... 'cause of the hot weather we've been having some problems with colic out at the stable.
First Sieme, his was gaseous, but the vet had to put in a stomach tube twice... but he's better now...
but Huby ish in the clinic. His colic was an impaction, and he's still there, even two days after he got our attention for it. Please, pray, we've had a couple of other scares, but nothing came of them

but on the other hand, I got to ride Carlo bareback today!!!!!
It was SO much fun!
and I wasn't even given instructions for only walking... I actually got to walk, trot, and canter!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back from VA!

Well, I returned two days ago from Chincoteague. Got to go down there for a week, see the Swim and the Pony Penning. Too bad I was ordered not to bring a pony home, or I might have done just that.

It was SO much fun! We got to visit the Beebe Ranch, where Misty of Chincoteague ((Made famous by the book of the same name by Maurgerite Henry)) was kept. Saw the preserved Misty, and her third, final, and most famous foal, Stormy. Saw a fifth generation descendent Angel, and her father, fourth generation, Misty descendant, Nightmist.
Nightmist lives up my way, in the tri-state area. and he has the most gourgeous blue eyes. *swoons*

Was SO happy to be back in Jersey though. I got to ride Carlo the past two days. And boy was he hyper. Normally he's ridden everyday 'cept Monday. While I was gone, he was ridden two days. He was a firecracker just waiting for a light on Saturday.
Sunday he was much calmer. We got to ride outside. The ring was dry enough after all the rain we've had lately, although it wasn't the best footing. We worked lightly today, then had fun. He went out, and got all wet 'cause it rained while he was turned out. But he knew I wasn't going to ride him again, and I wasn't riding on Monday, so he DIDN'T get dirty...

On Saturday, we had a small picnic at my uncle's. After dessert, E and I decided to play volleyball. That didn't work out too well... it quickly turned into a game of, keep the volleyball away from Peanut and Pootie (the dogs) by the time we wore Peanut out, we were really just playing a game of kick the ball back and forth.

I'm really tired right now... My allergies had a flare up while I was down in Chincoteague... *rolls eyes* I'll do something 'bout that... mainly just need to sleep in... and I can do that tomorrow!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm such a sarden woolhead... *sighs*

Being 17... 'specially being only 5' ish not easy.
I was taking on habits I didn't even notice from people I don't want to be like, but was forced to be around. I was getting snappish, and frustrated, and didn't notice.
I almost lost my best friend, because I snapped at her and didn't know it. *cries*

Luckily, I've got a Tree. She and I talked, and she opened my eyes to what I was doing/how I was acting...
Then she put Mandi and I together, and we talked. Mandi got worried 'cause I started crying, but... that's how I am, and Tree knows that and told Mandi not to worry. We smoothed everything out, and patched it up.

So... I'm feeling a bit better now...
after our talks of getting respect, and living as a tomboy, in a world of girly-girls...
It'll pass... or, we'll fix it... I'm gonna stop what it was that I was doing... and try and be a better person now that I know...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Almost a month into summer, and I'm better than I was at the end of the school year!

I discovered my problem with downloading Saint Seiya. Turns out I didn't have the most recent version of the XVID codex. So it was a simple matter of downloading it from Microsoft, and now I can watch Saint Seiya!

I've been spending most of my time with Carlo! ((see profile pic for the two of us)) I enjoy EVERY minute I spend with him. I even passed up going to NC to visit family, and a trip to Asseteague to spend time with my horse. Am I a horse obsessed freak, or what? No, don't answer that.

I had a job, only lasted one day. Currently looking for a new one. Hope to get something so I can help pay for Carlo, and all the books and such that I will need for next year.

Also working through the college process... that's going pretty well. At the stage where I narrow down my list and start visiting schools. At this point, if they don't have an equestrian team, most school are off the list. The only one that doesn't has a great Equine Science program, and ish so close that I could live at home, and see Carlo all the time anyway, since my mom won't let me bring him to college...

Ah... Bed time, gotta get up early to see the big beastie!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Well... I'm not happy.
I've been searching for an anime for 'bout three weeks now.
After running 28 manga volumes, 114 eppies, two spin-off series with 17 eppies each, and 5 movies, Saint Seiya has dropped off the face of the earth. I thought I had found it a couple of times, but each time the site either didn't have a download, or it brought me to megauploud, which only gives me the sound for some reason.
I'm ready to give up! *throws up hands in defeat* Not something I usually do... but I'm this *holds fingers really close* close to giving up....
*sighs in defeat*
Good thing ish I only have two half days of school left... but, I can't find Saint Seiya...

Must continue buying the manga, and looking for the anime... until I can either find it, buy it, or totally give up...
at this point, I'm ready to watch the american version, Knights of the Zodiac, that's how frustrated I am... and they've cut out all the violence, religion, and blood, making the charries 'sweat' or what people who have actually seen the series call 'bleed Gatorade'.
Does that tell you 'bout how desperate I am?!?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Horsiey Weekend

Well, this was quite a good week end!
I jumped Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
I hacked on Sunday!

Carlo was GREAT all weekend!
On Saturday we got to do all our flatwork in the field on the grass instead of in the ring.

First off, I've been doing a lot of no rein work at the walk with Carlo to begin with. On Sunday, I started doing it at the trot with a very loose rein. He was really good! He slowed down at a voice command and a stiffening of the back. He shortened his stride when I sat the trot with out the rein. He was so perfect, that I didn't want to jump him. I wanted to leave him with a good impression, even though I was given the option of jumping. Then we got to take a nice, LONG walk on the 'trail'. Carlo enjoys that.

But, one event mars this weekend. The Halter Issue.
Carlo broke his halter at Garden State. So, when a friend ran out to Horseman's Outlet on Saturday, I asked if she would pick up a cheap halter that I could pay her back for. Knowing me, she got a Nylon Breakaway halter in Purple. Well my trainer saw it and went, "Purple? Uhn-uh." She wants everyone to have a leather halter.
Well, after discussing it, we decided, we're keeping it. It's obviously not a safety issue, 'cause someone else has one, in blue.
Then I wondered if it was the color. Obviously, it ish.
I wondered if another person is allowed the blue one, 'cause blue ish a barn color. But, neither the other lady's horse, nor Carlo, are owned by the barn. They are privately owned.
Then I just gave up trying to reason it out, and I said to myself, "I don't really care 'bout the color. Its safe for him. So I'm using the purple halter. I won't let anyone, not even my trainer, though I love her dearly, tell me what colors I can put on my own, flaming horse."
So, I'm keeping the purple, no matter what anyone says.

So... after that, I had to go rant and rave 'bout the importance of horses to some people who believe they are better off as dog food and glue...
So, this entire weekend was spent with or talking 'bout horses. The perfect way to do it.
*sniffs* and I still smell of Carlo!!!!! Considering I took a nap against him today, that's not suprising... ^___^

Monday, May 14, 2007

Garden State

Well, I just got back from the Garden State Horse Show yesterday! It was tiring, but fun!
Carlo was GREAT! He did everything we asked of him, and a couple of things we didn't!
The only time he got crazy was when horses almost ran into him during the schooling sessions, and when a horse came at him head on, even though it was on the other side of the fence.

My mom rode him in the Pre-Schooling Hunter division on Thursday. I schooled him on Friday. Then on Saturday, I rode him in the Children's Equitation Division, which, contrary to other shows, ish only 2'3" at GS.
Then my mom rode him in the Pleasure classes, which are all flat.
We had a lot of fun, and the weather was really nice.
While we did some shopping there we found Mackenzie's Belts, that sells all sorts of handmade stuff. (( and I found a belt buckle that matches my cloak clasp!!
Then I saw it in purple. I pointed it out to my mom, and said, "Look! It's my cloak clasp! If only it was on a green and purple belt, it would be perfect!" Next thing I know, Mackenzie came over, and put it on a green and purple belt. Well, that was it! We HAD to get it!

Right now I really need to catch up on my sleep. Not only from the horse show, but from the play a couple of weeks ago.

On another hand, I've only got 'bout 3 weeks of school left!!!
Then it ish onto summer! But, I have to get a job to help pay for Carlo this summer... but all ish well, I'm hoping to get an evening job, so I can still spend my days out at the stable with Carlo.

Well, I'm gonna go now... so... tired... *yawns*