Saturday, May 17, 2008

Horsiey Post!

Who woulda guessed? :P

Well, we were away at the Garden State Horse Show from the 6th through the 11th.

Well, I got up there Tuesday night. Rode Carlo, He was a little crazy being in a new place and what not. But he was a good boy. Wednesday I rode him in one of the Special Hunter classes as a warm up, it was pretty good. Then we did the Marshall and Sterling Bit O' Straw. let's just say, he thought he was Speed Racer, and we got a 61... we got bumped out of the second round 'cause they only take the 12 highest point totals. Patti, my trainer rode him on Thursday in the Pre-Schooling division, just the fences. He needed it. But by the end he was acting much better. Please don't tell him he's sixteen, he won't believe you. He thinks that he ish 3 or 4 ish...

Well, Friday was a total wash-out. Literally. It rained all day. We ended up closing up the barn 'round noon, one o'clock and didn't do anymore showing. So, Saturday dawned bright and early. Much drier. I ended up being one of the last to jump for the Pre-Children's Hunter Horse, Section B. There was maybe half an hour after I jumped to the start of the flat class. Garden State being such a big horse show, we only had two jumping rounds instead of the usual three. So, the first round we had a few mistakes to smooth out. The second round was absolutely PERFECT! My mom was in the bleachers, and she said after my second round the person behind her goes, "That's the winner."

Well, the thing here ish, the judge, was someone who used to be at our barn, so he knows us. So, he judges us a little harder than he might other people, 'cause he doesn't want it to seem like he's playing favorites. So, we got a fourth in our first jumping round, but he had no other choice but to give us a first in the second. Then, during the flat class, we did really nicely. Split the group to canter 'cause it was so big. We got a second. That gave us enough points to be the Pre-Children's Hunter Horse, Section B Champions!!!!!!!!
That's the first Champion Ribbon that I've gotten at the Pre-Children's level, and to get it at Garden State... I'm beaming just thinking 'bout it!

Then my mom rode him right after that in the Beginner Eq. She was really nervous, she didn't breath during her hack class. But she calmed down by the second and final jumping round and got a third.The next day he was SO tired, that he was laying in the corner of his stall, resting his head against the wall.

'kay, so, mostly horsiey post...
but I have to say this. I just got back from the movie theater. My uncle and I saw The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. I LOVED it!!!
It was a great movie, and I reccomend it. For the record, I've been a huge fan of Narnia for years, so, if I'm happy, you can bet 'tis relatively good!


Abby said...

Congratulations, Champion! Great job! I can't wait until I start showing, I'm excited to see how we'll do...

Thanks for the corn oil tip! I'll have to try that! :D


Kale said...

Yay!! Give carlo a hug for me :P That's great!

Hey, I was wondering, do you think Big Brown will win Belmont stakes?

Magma said...

good job! I have absolutely no clue what most of the stuff that happened meant but I understood the getting to go to the other shows and your JOB!*tackle hugs*

(very minor side blog's name is Sparks of Lava....not Lava that I think about it...Lava Sparks sounds kinda like that resort in HSM2.....*gags*)

sooo...PC was good? how much of the whole SusanxCaspian thing was there? I mean does it merit a baby barf or a barf trashbag?

strivin' said...