Sunday, May 20, 2007

Horsiey Weekend

Well, this was quite a good week end!
I jumped Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
I hacked on Sunday!

Carlo was GREAT all weekend!
On Saturday we got to do all our flatwork in the field on the grass instead of in the ring.

First off, I've been doing a lot of no rein work at the walk with Carlo to begin with. On Sunday, I started doing it at the trot with a very loose rein. He was really good! He slowed down at a voice command and a stiffening of the back. He shortened his stride when I sat the trot with out the rein. He was so perfect, that I didn't want to jump him. I wanted to leave him with a good impression, even though I was given the option of jumping. Then we got to take a nice, LONG walk on the 'trail'. Carlo enjoys that.

But, one event mars this weekend. The Halter Issue.
Carlo broke his halter at Garden State. So, when a friend ran out to Horseman's Outlet on Saturday, I asked if she would pick up a cheap halter that I could pay her back for. Knowing me, she got a Nylon Breakaway halter in Purple. Well my trainer saw it and went, "Purple? Uhn-uh." She wants everyone to have a leather halter.
Well, after discussing it, we decided, we're keeping it. It's obviously not a safety issue, 'cause someone else has one, in blue.
Then I wondered if it was the color. Obviously, it ish.
I wondered if another person is allowed the blue one, 'cause blue ish a barn color. But, neither the other lady's horse, nor Carlo, are owned by the barn. They are privately owned.
Then I just gave up trying to reason it out, and I said to myself, "I don't really care 'bout the color. Its safe for him. So I'm using the purple halter. I won't let anyone, not even my trainer, though I love her dearly, tell me what colors I can put on my own, flaming horse."
So, I'm keeping the purple, no matter what anyone says.

So... after that, I had to go rant and rave 'bout the importance of horses to some people who believe they are better off as dog food and glue...
So, this entire weekend was spent with or talking 'bout horses. The perfect way to do it.
*sniffs* and I still smell of Carlo!!!!! Considering I took a nap against him today, that's not suprising... ^___^

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