Monday, June 4, 2007


Well... I'm not happy.
I've been searching for an anime for 'bout three weeks now.
After running 28 manga volumes, 114 eppies, two spin-off series with 17 eppies each, and 5 movies, Saint Seiya has dropped off the face of the earth. I thought I had found it a couple of times, but each time the site either didn't have a download, or it brought me to megauploud, which only gives me the sound for some reason.
I'm ready to give up! *throws up hands in defeat* Not something I usually do... but I'm this *holds fingers really close* close to giving up....
*sighs in defeat*
Good thing ish I only have two half days of school left... but, I can't find Saint Seiya...

Must continue buying the manga, and looking for the anime... until I can either find it, buy it, or totally give up...
at this point, I'm ready to watch the american version, Knights of the Zodiac, that's how frustrated I am... and they've cut out all the violence, religion, and blood, making the charries 'sweat' or what people who have actually seen the series call 'bleed Gatorade'.
Does that tell you 'bout how desperate I am?!?


Justin B. said...

I've been that desperate in such situations for anime. Never seen Knights of the Zodiac. But I definitely understand about edits, one of the reasons I watch a lot of anime on Youtube. Though Inuyasha and Bleach on Cartoon Network is actually not too bad. Either was FMA, which I absolutely love.

Roheryn said...

I'm a HUGE FMA fan!!!!
I finally found Saint Seiya... takes 'bout half an hour to download, but I'm ahead of myself... so that's good