Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roheryn The Mighty

Well, as some of ya might know this one has a theme song!
'tis called the Roheryn the Mighty song!!

but, due to recent dicussion on Christopher Hopper's then blog, now flog, the Roheryn the Mighty song has undergone some changes.
C'symia for all ya'll involved, and, I bring you, the New, the Improved, Roheryn the Mighty song!!!!

Roheryn the Mighty
Roams through the flogs
As bouncy as a bunch of frogs!
With ILHY as her side kick,
Always getting off topic!
Righting wrongs and singing songs!
Being mighty all day long!
She's Roheryn! Roheryn the Mighty!

There ya go!


S. J. Deal said...

Nice! :-D


Christopher Hopper said...

Go Roh! (And glad my flog could help!).


strivin' said...

I'm afraid I have no sense of rhyme or rhythm.

Roheryn said...


Rhyme? Rhythym? what's that? *innocent smile*

DragonRider said...

Hi. I met you at conference last year but I had to turn down my full scholarship this year due to band district festival. Just found out I'll miss the big CBA convention due to marching band camp!!! Augh!!!!!!

My mom is the one writing the article about teen volunteers.

Roheryn said...

Yes, your mom mentioned that, that's o sad that ya had to pass up one of the scholarships

strivin' said...

Hey, how's life going??? No new songs?

Kathy said...

Conference starts two weeks from today!! I don't know what manuscripts to bring. Most of my stuff is for kid's and no one is looking for children's manuscripts right now.

strivin' said...

Hey, I miss you on my blog. I have a true story of a teen girl in Haiti posted. Pretty sad stuff.

Kale said...

How did the old song go again?

It sounds like it fits you.

strivin' said...

Hmmm. How about some pictures or a new song???

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can tell that you are your own person : )

Roheryn said...

I was just planning on posting something new... once I get the pics downloaded, I'm gonna post my car... but for now, enjoy a poem!

Pais Charos said...

Hehe, that song is a "rewrite" of the "Joxer the Mighty" song from Xena. Roh and I are both Xena fans, and we're often called each other's sidekick. So...the Roheryn the Mighty song was born because of that :D

Pais Charos said...

Hm...I suddenly have a craving to watch a Xena episode...perhaps one with Joxer in it :) (Joxer's da bomb!)