Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Start the New Year off with a Bang

or... something like that...

There's good, and there's bad...
I had a semi quiet New Year's Eve.
A group of friends got rooms at the local Hilton to use the pool. I was there for a while, but my dad and I came home 'round 10:30 to take care of my sister's birthday present, a puppy. I hung around on the compy for the rest of the night, and into the wee hours of the morning, spending the rest of the night quietly after the chaos at the Hilton. And we do create chaos very nicely. :P

School starts tomorrow... yay me... *rolls eyes*
Mayhaps I should prepare for the poetry reading we are having later this month? <.<

I got a good bit of books to read this coming year... and $100 worth of Borders card, to get more.
Right now I'm reading Final Storm, the last in Wayne Thomas Batson's The Door Within Trilogy
Planning some fun stuff for this year, I'll post 'bout them as they get closer...

On the good news, I've been accepted to a college. Wilson, and all girls college in Chambersburg. Twas my top choice, but I want to see what the other two I applied to say, and how much they're offering me. And I have to decide which ish the best choice for me, and my horse. :P
I love telling people that I'm not looking at a college for me. I'm looking at a college for me and Carlo. XD

Speaking of Carlo, we got purple polo wraps for Christmas. And boy does he look good in them! *sigh* :)

On the other hand... we bring up something... interesting
Mayhaps I should start at the beginning...
Well, my lunch table consists of three people other than me.((note, these aren't their real names, part internet nickname, part... something else...)) Cinna, BridgitKiido, and DJ
Bridgit and I are in the same grade, Cinna and DJ are two grades lower.

This year, Cinna and DJ befriended a new girl in their grade, let's call her... Emlyn
Well, at first, she was just as crazy, hyperactive, and weird as us. We all got along great. Well, sometime in... musta been late November, she asked me for my opinion on something. She said that she was going to an audition, and she had to create a charater for it. She wanted her charrie to have a problem, so she chose an eating disorder, more specifically, anorexia.
To make it more believable, she says that she wants to try not eating for a day, to see what its like. I, along with Cinna, DJ, and Bridgit, tell her that we understand, as long as she doesn't keep it up.

From then on, she changed. She hasn't been eating much since then. She doesn't eat breakfast, she doesn't eat lunch, and she thinks that half an eggplant ish too much to eat for dinner. She's stopped hanging out with us. For a while, we knew it was because she was crushing on a guy, let's call him Shaggy. Because he thinks we're weird, and the stuff we like ish weird, Emlyn stopped liking stuff that she'd RAVED about in the beginning of the year. She's over him now, but still acting very weird.

Before Winter Break, we tried talking to her about it. Didn't work. We tried going to our Guidance Counselor. The four of us decided that we, at first, just wanted help about what to say to Emlyn. Because we want to talk to her on our own. We don't want her to feel like we're ganging up on her bringing in the Guidance Counselor. Well, that didn't work.
We decided that after winter break, we'd go back to the counselor.

Well, I was talking to Cinna on IM on New Year's Day. Turns out, Emlyn was asking for help looking for pills that will make her throw up.
Of course, Cinna wouldn't help with that. When we get back to school, neither will DJ or I. I doubt she'll ask Bridgit, so no worries there. Not that Bridgit would help anyway...
Her reason? She thinks she needs to be super skinny, like DJ and I. Now, let me tell you, DJ and I aren't super skinny because we don't eat. We do. And we tried telling her that we have super fast metabolisms, but that was before she stopped talking to us...

I don't know what else to do.
As we told the Guidance Counselor, we're fine if she doesn't want to be our friend anymore. But we don't want to just be given the cold shoulder. We at least deserve to know why, right?
But the fact that she hasn't been eating, and appears to be making herself anorexic and bulemic... however ya spell that...

I'll leave it at that for now...


Adelyna said...

*hugs Roh* I'm sorry. I'll be praying for you and your friends.

strivin' said...

Yikes. Tough to deal with!