Friday, June 6, 2008


Here Roh ish, talking 'bout herself all the time... and she hasn't posted 'bout her parents. Well, let us begin the tour. I will introduce you to all three of them. You heard right. Three.
No, Roh's parents are not divorced. Neither has a second spouse.
So, how, you may ask, does Roh have three parents? We'll get to that in a second.

Roh's mom
She's kinda like Roh, just not so insane. Born just two days after Roh ((but a handful of years before :P)) Grew up in a small town, just across the river from Harrisburg. Has an older sister and a younger brother. Most of her relatives are out in Oklahoma. Moved to NJ when she was 'bout 20. Bought the house that they currently live in four or five years before Roh came along. Married my dad 'bout two or three years BR.
She's a horse person, and an all around animal lover. Just as blind as Roh, and been wearing glasses since sixth grade.

Roh's dad
Grew up in the small town that he still resides. Never even had a goldfish growing up and now lives in an animal filled house. Strange family. Phsycic almost...
The whole family lived in a little cul-de-sac like driveway in the middle of town. Most of the family still lives in Jersey, with the exception of a cousin in NY, and some distant relations in Italy. Has an older brother.

Now, we move onto the third parent. Roh's uncle. He's her dad's brother.
Lives alone, not married, no children. He's like another father to Roh. There's a family joke that he's really Roh's dad 'cause they are so alike. The read the same books, watch the same shows, act the same, have the same habits.

I love them all. It truly ish amazing how much my uncle and I are alike.
On a slightly seperate note... my uncle just ordered my graduation present! A new laptop!!! *huggles*


strivin' said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing about your family.

KaleCharis said...

That's awesome. My mom has a ton of family in Oklahome too. Maybe we're related :P

strivin' said...

Did you get your new laptop yet? What a present!

Roheryn said...

Not yet...
'tis still 'In Production' according to the Dell website...