Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This one seems to be bouncing between moods lately. And she's not enjoying it.
Never know what's liable to set it off, but it happens easily and without warning.

It doesn't help that a number of people on the forums that she frequents have been using her style, or basically telling her that she should grow up and use regular spellings of things.

Where's the fun and indiviuality in that?!?

Frustrating much?
This one doesn't want to snap at them... but that's the immediate response...
*puts head in hands*
What's a Roh to do?


KaleCharis said...

O.o But we like Roh the way she is!

*hugs Roh*

Magma said...

yeah....you're great just the way you are!*tackle hugs*
yes....I am using your tackle hugs....but you're the only one I really tackle hug so I would think that should be fine.

about the spelling and stuff.....people can actually understand you.....some people just write one big run on sentence thingy for their entire posts....>.<
so using your own words is A LOT better then just using horrible grammar....I'm trying to make ya feel better....I hope it's working....somewhat at least.*smiles sheepishly*