Monday, October 29, 2007

Spoiled Horse

If ya didn't guess from the title, this post ish going to be mostly 'bout Carlo.... :P

Well, to begin, he's spoiled. That's the only word for it. Spoiled rotten. :D

He's got a good number of people trained. When Sue's in the feed room, sure enough, he gets a small handful when she comes out. When Tree's there and I'm not, he gets something. If someone doesn't finish their Gatorade, guess who gets it?
Ih, Carlo.
Mandi gives him lots of Gatorade when I'm not there...

My mom and I now massage his lower legs, especially right above his hooves. To get his blood flowing. So his hooves grow better. He doesn't move, and we do it almost every day we're there.
Ish that spoiled, or ish that spoiled?

But I love him.
He's somehow managing to get himself filthy, even though he barely has any hair to keep the dirt in.

Eh... you've probably had enough of me rambling... so, signing off until next week!

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