Monday, October 8, 2007


Well, the end (or ish it the beginning?) of another week ish upon us.

I'll start with a usual topic. Carlo.
He was hyperactive this week. He's been getting more and more that way. Tree thinks it stems from when we started giving him Farrier's Formula, a Biotin supplement to build and toughen up his hoof walls. But I know that part of it ish from not being ridden as much. Riding him almost every day during the summer kept him much calmer. Now, that he's being ridden less, he's got more energy.

I'm working on an app. for Cazenovia. It was a really nice college. But I've got some others to visit soon as well... so I'm gonna have to see where else I'm applying...

I finished reading something that I know everyone's anxious for (I won't say what, although some reading this might know...) and I absolutely LOVED it! I'll post more 'bout it when it comes closer to being released.
I also ordered my Oracles of Fire hoodie today! yay! *dances* can't wait for it to get here!!!

My uncle brought over some piano books for us. This time, I believe I might actually learn the piano.. at least, I hope... I'll never be as good as Petey, but I can learn to play passably... and I will... trust me!

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Kare Alethieas said...

Grr. You're mean, leaving us in the dark like that.



Hm. Never heard of that University. Time to hit Google.